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Creating Inspiring Spaces

The installation process starts with us measuring the space and helping you choose the type of flooring that will match to match your unique style and taste. We’ll also discuss your lifestyle, floor traffic, upkeep expectations, budget, climate, and subfloor. These are all factors that directly impact your flooring choices. No matter what flooring options you decide on, our installation service will leave you with an amazing floor that will last for years and years to come.

From Engineered to unfinished hardwood, we can suit your individual needs on any flooring installation project. We also specialize in unique patterns and borders to make your floors truly special for your family and you. Once we examine your floor, whether there is carpet, laminate, concrete, or even starting a new project, we can start to break down what types of wood would suit your home the best and make a lasting impression for years to come. We do an extensive check on the subfloor by making sure all areas are properly leveled and secured to the joyce’s of the home to prevent squeaking and a wavy floor.  We make sure the sub floor is clean from all debris and we can then begin to start installing your floor. From here we use a variety of different tools and glues to install your unique floor, depending on what type of floor you choose can vary on how it is installed in your home.

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