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The refinishing process starts with us measuring the space and helping you choose the type of finish that will match to match your unique style and taste. We’ll also discuss your lifestyle, floor traffic, upkeep expectations, and budget. These are all factors that directly impact your finish choices. No matter what finish options you decide on, our refinishing service will leave you with an amazing floor that will last for years and years to come.

After we measure out your existing floor, we will advise you on any problems areas we may foresee being an issue while sanding (existing stains, humidity in home, cracked or loose boards, as well as gaps in the floor). If you have a hardwood floor transitioning to a carpeted bedroom or a tile bathroom we can find you the right transition piece to ensure no one trips or gets hurt while walking across your floor. The sanding process can get dusty so we do our best with dustless vacuums and by covering up any entry ways to other areas of the house to ensure a clean environment for the rest of your home. The process can also be very loud due to the sanders we use to remove preexisting stain off your floor and make sure all areas are smooth and brought back to life. Once we have your floors sanded, we present you with a multitude of different color options depending on what you think you might want. Once a color is decided we water pop your entire floor to raise the grain of the wood to ensure that the stain holds to the wood. We allow the stain to dry for the recommend time and we can then begin to coat your floor with the first coat of polyurethane. Once your first coat of polyurethane has dried after the recommended time we will buff the floor to ensure a smooth finish and put any moldings on before applying the second and final coat of polyurethane.  A third coat can be applied for added protection if requested.

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